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At Gains Performance Studio, our mission is to enhance lives through customized fitness and health programs. We offer a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals of all fitness levels can thrive. By combining expert guidance with advanced techniques, we ensure a comprehensive approach to wellness. Our commitment to providing exceptional support and fostering a strong sense of community helps you achieve and maintain peak health and well-being


It was a delight to be met by the very knowledgeable Brian who used his clinical expertise to support me ( now aged 62 ) to use correct techniques to remind me my wee body ( less than 5’) can still work-out. He boosted my confidence enough to hold a plank and lift arm weights again. Felt so good to do this “reset and restart” in a safe space. Big thank you to Brian at Gains and to Mackenzie for inviting me to meet with him!!"

Anna S.

Working with Mike from Gains has been so amazing. The planned workouts and support within the space is incredible. I love that it’s a small gym where we know everyone and feel welcomed every time. I would highly suggest it for anyone looking for a trainer.

Jennifer H.

I cannot recommend this place enough. Mike and Brian are both super knowledgeable and just fun to be around. I have been training with Brian for 6 months now and he has been guiding me through my journey to become stronger with the perfect balance of encouragement, tough love and humor. I am feeling stronger and more capable in my everyday life. So glad I found this place. If you are looking for a personalized program that will challenge you, keep you safe and create real results over time in a fun and supportive setting, then this is the place!

Tracy W.

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12-1080 Waverley Street, Winnipeg, MB

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